Egglectibles® Building Block Surprise Egg


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Egglectibles® are small building block sets in plactis eggs. Great for Easter Egg Hunt. 

The packaging is water resistant, so Egglectibles® can be used for outdoors events, just don't submerge. 

Single Egglectibles® (random model)  $3.50

5-Pack Egglectibles® (random models)  $15 ($3/each)

10-Pack Egglectibles® (random models)  $27.50 ($2.75/each)

50-Pack Egglectibles® (random models)  $125 ($2.50/each)

Each Egglectibles® contains enough building blocks to complete a model. In most cases different models can be build out of the same set. And all models are shown in the included instructions. And always, you can build even bigger models using the building blocks from different sets. 

Currently, we have 4 themes with 4 models in each theme. So, you can find any one of those 16 models in your Egglectibles®, or in multi-packs, you may get a multiples of the same models. But, no worries, you can build different models from the same sets of building blocks.

Speedway Series: Sports Cars (4 models)

Droid Factory Series:  Mechanical Beasts (4 models)

Space Station Series: Spacecrafts (4 models)


Battle Field Series: Military Vehicles (4 models, each have 3 alternative builds)

The bricks in Egglectibles® are 100% compatible with all major brands and high quality. 

Warning, Egglectibles® contains small parts and is not suitable for children less than 3 years old.